The Making of Tezos – Blockchain Evolved

Work March 2, 2022

As specialists in VFX, Creative Production and Experience design, the team was tasked with the technical challenge of building a racetrack environment with competing vehicles at hyperspeed for Tezos – all in effort to showcase the self-upgrading features of the brand’s blockchain offering by using futuristic and photographic VFX elements throughout the spot.

The concept and execution of the final piece was a masterclass of collaboration between VFX artists working in unison to create a believable (and consistent) rendering of the various race cars competing on the track in full dream-like CG surroundings.


Marketing & Communications Agency
Marketing & Communications Agency: Blockhaus
Founder: Mark Soares
Global Head of Communications & PR: Reid Yager
Creative Director: Jenny Mauric
Global Sponsorship Manager, Tezos Foundation: Fern Townend
Digital Agency
Digital Agency: HUGE
Executive Producer: Christopher Michaels
Creative Director: Andrew Tobin
Group Creative Director: Hemant Jain
Director of Business Affairs: Cindy Hoffman
Program Director: Damian Boyd-Boffa
GVP, Client Services: Tina McCarthy
Director: Alvin Cruz
Edit House, Sound Designer & Music
Edit House & Editor: Cut + Run
Editor: Jon Grover
Assistant Editor: Drew Lang / Chris Wonka
Head of Production: Marcia Wigley
Sound Designer: Hobo Audio Company
Sound Designer & Mixer: Chris Stangroom
Music: Duotone Audio Group
Executive Music Producer: Ross Hopman
MPC/Mill Credits
Executive Producer: Matthew Loranger
Producer: Anna Kravstov
VFX Coordinator: Ronny Stillwell
Creative Director: Alvin Cruz
3D Supervisor: Margaret Bright-Ryan
2D Supervisor: Tim Crean / Asaf Yeger
Animation Lead: N/A
Color: Ricky Gausis
3D Lighting: Francisco Frago
3D Lightin: Lucy Choi
3D Lighting: Mirelle Underwood
FX: Chirs Wachter
FX: Alejandro Robledo
DMP: Daniel Bayona
DMP: Dave Tipper
Concept Design: Roger Hom
Comp: Julien Aucouturier
Comp: Taley Feld
Comp: Anthony Jones
Comp: Dylan Nett
Comp: Mazyar Sharifian
Comp: Urosh Otashevich
Post-viz: David Manzo
Line Producer: Lokesh Balaji C
Production Coordinator: Trauna Sehgal
Anim Supervisor: Mahesh MS
2D Supervisor: Siju Murugan
Asset Lead: Manjunath R
MM Lead: Elangovan Ganeshan
Roto Lead: Mahendranatha Reddy
Comp Lead: Sabanayagam Veerasekaran
Animation Lead: Prateek Shubhanker
Animation Artist: Aakar Verma
Rigging Artist: Garlapati Yeswanth
Assets: Shreyas Joshi
Assets: Sudalai Muthu Ramesh Pillai
Assets: Darshan Mistry
Assets: Vivek Mayanglambam
Assets: Utkarsha Singh
Assets: Vinutha A R
Matchmove Artist: Avaneetharan Karuppasamy
Matchmove Artist: Mohammad Qasim
Matchmove Artist: Karthick K
Matchmove Artist: Suman Sahu
Matchmove Artist: Shakti Jadhav
Matchmove Artist: Nallur Suhas Bhat
Matchmove Artist: Pranav Parag
Matchmove Artist: Nishant Ekka
Prep Artist: Pitchuka Suresh
Prep Artist: Bijeesh K U
Prep Artist: Parsanth Palaparthi
Prep Artist: Sangeetha M
Roto Artist: Mayur Chandrakant Kothawade
Roto Artist: Sanket Suresh Mhatre
Roto Artist: Md.moinuddin Ansari
Roto Artist: Sandeep Mishra
Compositor: Maneesh Kumar
Compositor: Mandeep Singh Kehra
Compositor: Jegathesan T
Compositor: Udaykiran Chowdary