The Mill and Ayzenberg partner to unveil the next epic chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online universe

Led by Director Robert Sethi, we produced The Elder Scrolls Online: Shadow Over Morrowind Official Cinematic Announcement Trailer from start to finish.
Work February 9, 2023

Just recently, the team at ZeniMax Online Studios announced ESO’s 2023 adventure, Shadow Over Morrowind. This year’s story brings players back to Morrowind, allowing them to explore places that haven’t been seen in The Elder Scrolls since 1994.

To unveil the riveting next chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online universe, we collaborated with ZeniMax Online Studios and agency Ayzenberg for the two-and-a-half-minute cinematic reveal trailer. Mill director Robert Sethi and VFX Supervisor Chris Bayol led our team of VFX artists across our Los Angeles, New York, and Bangalore studios to ensure the trailer lived up to The Elder Scrolls Online name and legacy.

The project was fully produced from start to finish at The Mill. Alongside our creative collaborators, our teams developed the story, created character models and environments (largely from scratch), shot motion capture for the entire film in the UK, translated that back in CG animation, developed and executed the look in lighting, added comprehensive FX, and took it to the finish line in comp. The cinematic trailer was graded by Head of Colour LA, Paul Yacono and edited by The Mill’s Natalie Wozniak + Jack Pyland.

“The Elder Scrolls boasts a rich and epic history, making it a truly remarkable opportunity to develop and direct a film that brings its world to life. We embraced a darker approach, weaving elements of Cosmic Horror and mystery into the story. The film follows a dark Elf's adventure and delves into the perspective of the Daedric Prince Mora as he searches for her. Working with Zenimax, Ayzenberg, and the talented cast and crew was an amazing experience that truly showcased the passion of all involved in the project.”
-Robert Sethi, Director
“Our goal with this film was to chart a new vision for the ESO franchise, all while honoring the long legacy of fan-beloved cinematics. The Mill quickly became a true creative partner in bringing this vision to life.”
-Paul Wallace, Creative Director, Ayzenberg

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom arrives for PC/Mac on June 5 and for Xbox and PlayStation consoles on June 20.


Client: ZeniMax Online Studios
Agency: Ayzenberg
Executive Producer, Dir. Of Production: Jonathan Clark
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Bretz
Creative Director: Paul Wallace
Creatives: Beau Cassidy, Michael Sopczynski
Sr. Account Director: Derek Roth
Project Manager: Alexis Nunez
Production: Mill Direction
Director: Robert Sethi
Executive Producers: Elizabeth Newman, Ari Davis
Live Action Producer: Stephanie Werrell-Smyth
Producer: Nick Faidley
Associate Producer: Abby Siegel
Director of Photography: Adam Scarth
Production Coordinators: Lachie Wappet, Isaias Yetemegn
Creative Development & VFX
VFX: The Mill
Director: Robert Sethi
Script: Bobby Lewis & Robert Sethi
Creative Director (Morrowind / Necrom Sequences): Kevin Ives
VFX Supervisor: Chris Bayol
VFX Supervisor (Morrowind / Necrom Sequences): Emily Meger
Executive Producers: Ari Davis, Elizabeth Newman, Mark Driscoll
Producer: Nick Faidley
Senior Producer (Morrowind / Necrom Sequences): Nicole Melius
Associate Production Manager: Chitra Vinod
Associate Producers: Abby Siegel, Zack Stimell
Production Coordinators: Farhan C Ukwuomah, Isaias Yetemegn, Lachie Wappet, Vinita Panwar
2D Lead Artists: Anthony Jones, Lane Jolly
Project Lead (Bangalore): Hari Prasad Anumula
Assets Leads: Blake Sullivan, Jyoti Prakash Panda
Animation Leads: Jacob Bergman, John Wilson, Matt Connolly, Navdeep Singh, Samir Patel, Sandeep Kumar Goje
Rigging Lead: Peter Christensen
Character / Creature Supervisor: Kris Costa
FX Leads: Daniel Soo, Dipansu Halder, Polam Reddy, Matt Roach
Lighting Leads: Brendon Echsner, Lucy Choi
Concept Artists: Felix Bauer-Schlichtegroll, Gary Inloes
Storyboard Artist: Matt Jones
2D Artists: Abigail Riegel, Dhruv Shankar, Kai Chun Tsai, Lucia Hill Barroso, Phillip Massimino
Assets Supervisor: Dakoju Shashi Kumar
Asset Artists: Akash Deodhum Humne, Arnab Bhattacharya, Dakoju Shashi Kumar, Debdutta Gayen, Dustin Leon, Gabrielle Harder, Jayadeep Chandran, John Pozo, Melanie Okamura, Nitesh Nagda, Quinn Thompson, Rachit Bhatia, Raul Brossy, Ritika Das, Roja Huchez, Sandeep Kumar Yadav, Shaik Kaleem, Shubham Baliram Kore, Sunku Ayusha, Thirumoorthi Sivakumar, Tom George, Yogesh Subhash Zend
3D Generalists: Jayadeep Chandran, Shaik Kaleem, Tom George
Animation Supervisor: Sukanta Chakraborty
Animators: Anthony Travieso, Bijay Chudal, Gustavo Gonzalez, Justin Murphy, Lohit Chinthala, Sebastian Nino, Sriker Balakrishnan, Sukanta Chakraborty, Tommy Taylor
Rigging Artists: Daishi Takishima, George Saavedra, Megha Mehta
DFX Supervisor: Dipansu Halder
FX Supervisor: Biswajit Tarafder
FX Artists: Akshay Kishor Asarkar, Amir Mehdi Kazimi, Andy Sheng, Biswajit Tarafder, Dan Bodenstein, Deepak Kumar, Dhaval Shashikant Bhanage, Gleaces Juvilian, Incheol Jeong, Joon Ho Bang, Kamaljeet Singh, Manik Suvedi, Natalie Homewood, Rohit Kumar, Yang Wu
Lighters: Eric Hiller, Lauren Shields, Lorena Cano, Roberto Maki, Sergei Volkov, Tom Hearne, Ziming Liu
Matte Painters: Bill Lu, Itai Muller
R&D: Anastasija Belaka, Craig Davies, Fabia Serra Arrizabalaga, Peter Agg
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Paul Yacono
Colour Producer: Denise Brown
Colour Assist: Alexandra Makarenko, Gemma Parr, Frederick Agyemang, Jacob Suffern
Editorial: The Mill
Editors: Jack Pyland, Natalie Wozniak
Edit Assist: Yiqing Yu