The Mill and MPC workshops on Tuesday 13 June in Annecy!

On Tuesday 13 June, Marine Sisnaki, Rigg Artist at The Mill Paris, and Charles Farkas, Compositing Supervisor at MPC, will be at the Jardins de l'Europe between 2 pm and 4 pm.
Community June 6, 2023
Every day, our team of professionals from The Mill and MPC studios will be running workshops on animation and VFX. Join Marine Sisnaki, Rigg artist at The Mill Paris and Charles Farkas, Compositing Supervisor at MPC for two workshops!
  • 2pm – 3pm: Never without my Rig!
    Marine Sinaski, Rigg Artist (The Mill Paris)
We often talk about animation and forget about the beautiful profession of the rig. The rigger is the animator’s chief sidekick, often working in the shadows, and provides the animators with the technical elements that allow the animations to shine. Marine, recruited 6 years ago at the Annecy Festival, reveals all the facets of her job and gives advice on how to pursue your career in animation.
  • 3pm-4pm: Drawing to express your ideas
    Charles Farkas – Compositing Supervisor (MPC Paris)
Images are sometimes more meaningful and universal than words, facilitating dialogue and understanding. Charles explains how he uses drawing every day to express his ideas and to discuss with his colleagues and clients.
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