The Mill collaborates on the ad of your dreams for Coors

Work February 7, 2021

The Mill partnered with production company Ghost Robot and DDB to craft the surreal ‘stimulus film’ for Coors Light and Coors Seltzer’s ambitious Big Game campaign. The beer brand is using Targeted Dream Incubation, the science of guiding dreams, to allow audiences to slumber into their very own commercial ahead of Sunday’s event.  Using the insights of Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a leading psychologist and expert on dreams, Ghost Robot directors tapped The Mill to create a film with visuals to shape and lead the subconscious to dream of clean mountain air, refreshing streams and even Coors itself. 

In this never-seen-before form of advertising, artists at the Mill and Ghost Robot built fully CG idyllic landscapes from crystal clear alpine lakes, to snow topped mountains and shimmering streams. Using a combination of C4D, Matte Painting and CG elements, the challenge was to make each environment immersive enough to reappear in REM sleep. Additional natural elements were crafted from scratch; moss to mushrooms to rocks to cascading waterfalls. The team also enhanced stock footage and bought to life icy cold Coors cans. A highly saturated grade was added to ensure every color popped.

Go to to see the full documentary film and the full dreamscape experience, featuring our very own Creative Director David Lawson, to see the results from a Dream Lab trial run when participants reported similar dream experiences to the visuals! 


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