The Mill collaborates with Anomaly on powerful PSA, When We All Vote ‘Vote Loud’

Work October 1, 2020

If you don’t use your vote and your voice, someone else will. Will you Vote Loud? We collaborated with Anomaly for this powerful PSA from When We All Vote (co-chaired by Michelle Obama).

With the efforts of The Mill’s 2D and Colour department, the team managed to create a seamless look combining different shots from various sources, into one cohesive film.

2D Lead Artist, Tim Rudgard comments, “One of the biggest challenges we tackled was keeping with the overall aesthetic while balancing footage from iPhones to 16mm film. Technically, the footage was from different frame rates so none of it would conform automagically. We had to eye-match every shot!”


Find out more about When We All Vote on their website or Instagram @whenweallvote. You can get in touch with any of our teams about an upcoming project here.