The Mill Design Studio Internship

Community November 21, 2022

At The Mill, we want your unique talents to shine from wherever you are. This is an open brief for everyone, no matter age, location or qualifications. Learn how to build on your skills, working with a team on a variety of projects – and hopefully join us in a full time position in the long term, as part of our growing global team.

‘If you could describe yourself as an object – what would it be? How would you visualise it?’

This is an open brief for you to show off your unique creative skill set. 

Have a think about an object that represents you and your creative personality. Visualise it in any format and style you like – be it 3D, 2D, or mixed media. Have fun with it!

Please submit:

  • Still images of your design
  • (Bonus for motion tests / animation)
  • Short explanation of your idea
  • Links to your Instagram and other portfolios

Length of program: January – April 2023

Paid Internship, with full-time hours

Please send your submission to no later than Friday, December 16th. Check out the full brief here.