Working with Dairy Queen to launch new Blizzard flavors of colossal combinations

Work August 5, 2021

Continuing our ongoing collaboration with Barkley US and Dairy Queen, Mill Directors Left Shoe Lost take on two brand new spots showcasing two new Blizzard flavors. From concept to completion, we helped bring to life deliciously eye-catching environments that highlight Dairy Queen’s latest irresistible treats.

In the first spot, “Oh Henry”, we follow a family at a Dairy Queen amusement parks scattered with ice cream themed attractions. While riding the bumper cars, the family collides to create a creamy concoction contrived of the famous Oh Henry bar.

The fun doesn’t end there. In our second spot, “Reese’s”, we are taken on a sweet adventure when a woman enjoying a Blizzard daydreams of extreme activities with a tasty twist. From climbing a towering Reese’s candy mountain to skydiving through delectable soft serve clouds, our animated protagonist certainly brings us along for a wild ride.

“These fully animated jobs are always a pleasure and can be quite the fun challenge to execute,” comments Animation Supervisor Paul Tempelman, “I enjoyed pushing the animators with their shots through doing dailies, drawing and sharing references and having daily draw over sessions to help with timing and poses. There was also a lot to consider with the transitions which incorporated a lot of sleight of hand with sets props and camera animation. Planning was very important for this campaign.”

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