The Mill @ Home | Black Lives Matter

Community June 11, 2020

Artwork by Susy Lopez, The Mill

We have been deliberately silent across our channels for the past week, taking time to reflect as a business and look at what we can do to support the Black Lives Matter movement. We have always wanted The Mill to be a safe place for everyone. As a creative community we need to recognise the time we are living in and decide the role we can play in re-shaping a better future. We have been taking time to listen to our staff, clients and partners and are reviewing our policies relating to diversity & inclusion. Over the coming weeks, we will share our plans to ensure we are a future facing, inclusive and supportive company.


The Mill stands against discrimination of any kind. We work hard to create an environment that is inclusive and diverse, however we know there is more we can do.


This edition of The Mill @ Home is the first step of many we will be making in support of Black Lives Matter. See it as a resource to inspire you to listen, learn and help change the conversation. Find out more about our Call to Art project where you can get involved in creating artistic responses in support of the protests. Moving forward, every edition of The Mill @ Home will have a section dedicated to Black Lives Matter so we can update you as our work continues.


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