The Mill India Creative Week celebrates the spirit of togetherness

Community March 2, 2023

As a celebration of the spirit of togetherness, The Mill India Creative Week brought together global and local leaders to share their expertise and knowledge. Numerous discussions on digital content, visual effects, and animation sparked opportunities to create scale and to continue telling inspiring stories.

Through intensive workshops, engagements, and case studies, the team was able to gain a deep understanding of project strategies to establish further collaboration and understand opportunities for growth. Through a variety of sessions, the speakers shared expert insights into project management and creative processes, such as look dev, advanced compositing, lighting, and much more. A week of interactions is incomplete without fun, and everyone in the studio had canvasses to leave their mark on, as well as a night out. For the India team, it was a great pleasure to have visitors from all over the globe who share the same commitment to creating the extraordinary!

This week of engagement offered global visitors the chance to meet long-term collaborators as well meet new members of the teams here while sharing their expertise. It is a starting point for many exciting endeavors.

“The Mill India Creative Week served as a great platform for creative leadership across The Mill's global sites to share insights, knowledge and their experience with the India team. It was also a great step towards strengthening relationships between teams across sites by introducing them to the talent and culture of Mill India. Our team was glad to be able to share their views and learn more about global project management from the guests and this will help The Mill India evolve as a larger player in the growth of the global business. It was wonderful to see everyone share creative experiences, brainstorm on process improvements, showcase talent as well as get to know each other better. We look forward to more interactions like this in the near future.”
-RK Chand, Executive Director, Creative Production and Operations, The Mill India
“As someone who has worked in this industry for a few years, I was reminded this week of why, 'Nothing is impossible'. This really defines The Mill India, where nothing is impossible, and whether in Mumbai or Bangalore or in any of The Mill studios around the world, our creative ambitions continue to challenge and push us, and how bringing our teams in Bangalore and Mumbai closer to all that we do will make us so much stronger as a global creative studio. I am very excited about our further potential and how we harness this with our clients and partners around the world.”
-Mark Benson, SVP, Global VFX

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