The Mill Launches BLACKBIRD® VR Experience Exclusively On Steam

Press September 18, 2018
Mill Auto is excited to announce the release of a brand new VR experience that allows users to get ‘hands on’ with The Mill BLACKBIRD®, the world’s first fully adjustable car rig that creates photoreal, CG cars.

Users can inspect every component of the multi-award winning production tool in VR and explore each of its bespoke functions via an interactive guided tour.As the BLACKBIRD® is currently based in LA, this immersive experience provides an opportunity for people everywhere to trial the technology, without the actual rig having to be present.

Users can choose from a range of models to build their own car in VR and select a piece of running footage to create a unique BLACKBIRD® experience.

The Mill’s Executive Vice President Alistair Thompson states ‘Not everyone can get to see the BLACKBIRD® in action so we are thrilled to be able bring it to life virtually for a wider audience. It is also great fun to take a closer look in VR at how it works and what it can do. We hope you enjoy!’

The BLACKBIRD® VR experience requires a HMD to view. It is currently compatible with HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. You can access the experience exclusively through the Steam store. Full minimum requirements for the experience are laid out in the Steam page.

How to download:

Follow this link to the Blackbird VR Experience Steam page and login to Steam.

Click ‘play game’ on the steam page which will download it to your Steam library

Once downloaded, hit play and put on your headset!