Mill Paris | Alban Lelièvre and Shaun Severi lead a workshop on storytelling and lenses

Community April 7, 2023

At The Mill Paris, we strive to develop the skills of our teams as much as possible and are always open to suggestions from our teams.

Several weeks ago, Shaun Severi, Creative Partnership Manager, ran a workshop on storytelling which received praise from our Parisian studio, so we decided to continue this initiative. For our second workshop, Alban Lelièvre, Head of 2D Animation, proposed to join him to share his technical knowledge on the subject through his experience. Because these workshops are organized on a voluntary basis, we feel fortunate to have caring staff who are inspired by development of everyone in the studio.

Whether you are a producer, an artist or a marketing manager, these workshops are open to everyone and allow not only priceless knowledge-sharing, but also a cohesion between the teams thanks to a better understanding of the role and the nature of each one. All professions are intrinsically linked and this global understanding of the sector and its actors can only be beneficial in meeting our clients’ needs.



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