The Mill Paris is involved in the production and post-production of five installations for the Cité du Vin exhibition

Work February 21, 2023

Seven years after its opening and more than 2.3 million visitors, the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux is renewing its permanent exhibition and opening a new page in its history. The Cité du Vin (Wine Museum) in Bordeaux is a unique cultural venue dedicated to wine, which aims to make this universal heritage more accessible and allow visitors to discover the wines of the Bordeaux region in total immersion in a sensory and artistic journey.
Indeed, the permanent exhibition of 3000m2 is based on digital and interactive technologies that transport visitors on a sensory journey through the history of wine. For the renewal of this core exhibition, the Clémence Farrell agency specialised in setting up immersive scenographies, was commissioned and quickly called on The Mill Paris to produce and post produced 5 cultural installations.

  • The Vine: As soon as the visitor enters the exhibition, he is face to this animated vine which shows the interactions between the soil, the plant and the grapes.
  • The Planet of the Wines: A large map to understand the extension of the vine across the planet, climates, regions, figures thanks to an animated content projected on a sphere.
  • The winegrower’s year: From the vine to the bottle, a lot happens in a year. Nicolas Thépot wanted to retrace in images a whole year of creation of a vintage in a musical film projected in 360°.
  • When Wine Conquered the World: Immediate boarding on a 50-seater boat to discover the history of wine thanks to a 220° animated film that tells us the story of wine from ancient ships to container doors. This film was directed by Nicolas Thépôt and Bérangère Lallemant.
  • The Bordeaux vineyard: The Bordeaux vineyard: a relief map that comes to life to show the different regions, appellations and specificities of the Bordeaux vineyard.

In addition to these 5 installations, a dozen other activities are waiting to be discovered by children and adults. The experiences are individual, collective, educational, immersive and multi-sensory to take the visitor on a 2-hour discovery of the wine heritage.

This project is financially supported by Europe, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the metropolis and the city of Bordeaux, not forgetting the many patrons and the Cité du Vin’s own resources.

“Renewing the scenography of the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux was a major challenge. We had to rethink the visitor experience in a more playful, immersive and fluid way while keeping some of the old devices in the tour. We wanted each installation to have its own personality to provide different emotions to the public, while still providing key information about wine. From the start, we got on very well with the Clémence Farrell agency and The Mill Paris team, who immediately understood our expectations and showed great finesse in the creation of both audiovisual and textual content. More specifically for the film "Le Vin à la conquête du monde" (When Wine Conquered the World), the final film is amazing. Whether in terms of audio or video with the paper cut-out style, the spectator is taken into a complete immersive show. The two scenographies, old and new, coexist very well together and enrich each other. From the first opinions of the visitors, I think it is a successful project. ”
-Laura Dubosc, Head of Museographic Projects at the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux.
“I have been working at the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux for 7 years and I was lucky enough to be involved in the cultural mediation and accessibility aspects of the project to renew the scenography. Cultural mediation means creating a link between what we want to tell the public and what they perceive. We have to constantly adopt the visitor's point of view and ask ourselves what they want to discover and how in order to find the right balance for the construction of their journey. Not too elitist or too vulgarised, our first ambition was to tell stories understandable to all, while adding a playful touch. 
With regard to the film "Le Vin à la Conquête du Monde" (When Wine Conquered the World) , the surveys carried out among visitors led us to modernise this device to make it less childish. The Mill Paris immediately understood our expectations and directors Nicolas Thépot and Bérangère Lallemant suggested to personify the wine so that it could tell its own story in an animated cut-paper film. We were immediately seduced by this idea because, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it brought sensitivity, poetry and emotion to the story without distorting its epic aspect.
The project to renew the permanent exhibition was a very big challenge because the schedules were very tight and we had to react quickly. The Mill Paris and the Clémence Farrell Agency understood and respected our deadlines. We really built everything together in a spirit of goodwill, respect and mutual enrichment. We had common ideas and desires and I think that today visitors can see our passion that animated us during this year of collaboration. Beyond the professional aspect, I had the chance to meet extremely creative, rigorous and lovely people. In my opinion, this project was a success in every way because the collaboration with the teams was very good and we managed to improve the experience of the visitors, who confirmed this as soon as we opened. ”
-Karine Marchadour, Head of Cultural Mediation and Accessibility for the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux

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