The Mill partners with Create Not Hate to shine a light on Racist ‘Dinosaurs’

Work October 15, 2020

We have partnered with Quiet Storm and Red Brick Road to help create ‘Racist Dinosaur’. A spot that depicts those spewing racist remarks such as ‘send ’em back’ and ‘I ain’t seen a white face around ‘ere in years’ as prehistoric dinosaurs in the modern age.

Mill Director and animator Kwok Fung Lam, was responsible for bringing the film to life, he states: “The inspiration behind the animation was to convey the feeling of someone barking and following what other people of the same mindset are doing.”

“It was really fun to work on this project and to be part of such an important message but it’s sad that in 2020 this ad still has to be made. I remember hearing similar comments back when I was in school, this sort of bigotry needs to be stamped out for good!”

‘Racist Dinosaur’ is part of the larger Create Not Hate initiative which was first launched 13 years ago by Trevor Robinson OBE, Creative Director and Founder of Quiet Storm. The second interaction was launched in 2020 and places a heavy focus on helping young people of colour get into the creative industry.

Trevor says: “This work is yet another reminder of the untapped talent that’s out there. These young people have used humour brilliantly to tackle an incredibly important issue – a tool that in my view is often the most engaging way to get a message across. I am hugely grateful to Red Brick Road, The Mill, and The Ridley Scott Creative Group for getting involved in Create Not Hate – especially at such a difficult time for every business. These big-hearted people have helped make Create Not Hate 2020 happen, along with some very talented young people. I look forward to the initiative’s work continuing to progress around racism and how we can tackle it as a society”.


To find out more about Create Not Hate and how you can get involved with the initiative click here.