The Mill & Technicolor Creative Studios | Going ‘Beyond Imagination’

Technicolor has transformed their Production Services division into Technicolor Creative Studios, forming a collaborative global structure across its family of Entertainment and Brand Experience & Advertising studios.
News May 19, 2021

Technicolor has just launched Technicolor Creative Studios, forming a collaborative global structure across its family of Entertainment and Brand Experience & Advertising studios, including The Mill, MPC, Mikros Animation and Mr. X. Previously, these creative studios operated separately under the Technicolor Production Services umbrella. The newly organised Brand Experience & Advertising team will be led by David Patton, with Josh Mandel leading The Mill and Mark Benson leading MPC.

“With a more consolidated approach in the Brand Experience & Advertising division, we want to enable both MPC and The Mill to operate more effectively, with the strength of a collaborative deep bench talent base, cutting edge technology and the added value of shared learnings and more insightful creative.”
David Patton, President of Brand experience & advertising at Technicolor Creative Studios

Each award-winning studio retains its own unique identity and market position, continuing to provide world-class services to clients and partners across many industry categories. The combined strength of Technicolor Creative Studios harnesses the collective experience and discoveries of each member of the studio family, expanding artistic capabilities and propelling the possibilities to greater heights, from VFX, XR and animation to design, direction and production.

“By working together to share best practices and discoveries, Technicolor Creative Studios will push the boundaries of creativity and innovation more than ever before and make possible the realization of ambitious and extraordinary ideas. The formation of Technicolor Creative Studios is the result of a series of transformation initiatives begun over a year ago designed to facilitate collaboration, integrate technology, enable increased artistry and unleash top talent. These steps have proven to be incredibly effective as they’ve maintained the top quality of content produced despite the challenges of COVID-19. We are better positioned than ever to further invest in new technology platforms, facilitate a broader creative offering and meet the changing needs of our clients, partners and collaborators.”
Christian Roberton, President of Technicolor Creative Studios

Technicolor Creative Studios is currently the No. 1 provider of VFX to Hollywood studios, content producers and Super Bowl advertisers (including AdMeter’s top three Super Bowl ads in 2021). The division brings together the world’s most creative minds – supported by integrated global operations, an unrivaled talent pool and the largest family of multi-discipline studios across the world with offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Shanghai, Bangalore and Adelaide. The company provides premium, high-quality production services to clients within the entertainment, fashion, automotive and other prominent industries.

The new proposition of Technicolor Creative Studios – ‘Beyond Imagination’ – comes from a desire to spark unparalleled creativity, pushing the boundaries of the imagination to bring groundbreaking and unforgettable ideas to life. There is a shared hunger and ambition between studio talent and their clients to push capabilities and technology to the limit, creating new, never-before-seen experiences that audiences will never forget. The division’s creative legacy, reputation for excellence, and drive for innovation allow clients and partners the confidence to think freely, without the constraints of technical possibilities, and inspire them to produce their most iconic work.

“Christian is a recognized visionary in the VFX community and uniquely qualified to implement the vision for Technicolor Creative Studios and our global artist community,” said Moat. “We have assembled a world-class management team to support the group’s ambitious roadmap. Technicolor Creative Studios and our ‘Beyond Imagination’ message are based on the simple idea that absolutely anything is possible. No idea is too complicated for us to produce to an incredibly high standard, and everyone at Technicolor Creative Studios embraces this belief.”
Richard Moat, Technicolor CEO

The Technicolor Creative Studios ‘Beyond Imagination’ proposition offers Technicolor’s partners the combined force of:

  • Innovation – Across its family of studios, Technicolor is a leader in virtual production, whether that be through live on-set visual effects for the film and episodic industries or live interactive animation that brings brand mascots to life for advertising and marketing clients. In addition to their command of pioneering game-engine technology that powers virtual production across linear film, the brand services arm of Technicolor Creative Studios is making groundbreaking leaps forward in the immersive and interactive experiential marketing space, using virtual, augmented and mixed reality to evolve brand experiences.
  • Talent & Technology – Under the Technicolor Creative Studios umbrella, Technicolor partners have access to an interdisciplinary pool of talent across all divisions. With over 2,000 artists, designers, directors and creative technicians from across the world, partners of Technicolor Creative Studios have access to the very best award-winning talent using the latest in creative technology across film, episodic, advertising and brand experience.
  • Scale & Infrastructure – Under a consolidated infrastructure of creative studios, each project benefits from the power and scale of shared learnings, innovations and insights from across all businesses. Harmonized workflows and systems across all studios mean faster, scalable and smarter working across all client projects.


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