The Mill transforms Matthew McConaughey for Doritos 3D Super Bowl Ad

Work February 8, 2021

Who’s ready for a little dimension? Matthew McConaughey stars as a two-dimensional version of himself in Doritos 3D comedic Super Bowl LV spot, ‘Flat Matthew’. The Mill collaborated with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Director Damien Chazelle of Superprime to craft the spot which features “Flat Matthew” in a variety of situations that stress the difficulties of living life in 2D. From being swept away by a gust of wind and ignored at a coffee shop, he just can’t catch a break.  

The Mill’s VFX team created a fully CG version of Matthew’s body. For the all-important authentic facial performance, multiple expressions were then stabilized, combined and re-projected onto the CG geometry. VFX Supervisor, Alex Candlish, comments, “The most challenging shot was the vending machine. Through some sophisticated compositing we built a transition from flat Matthew to real. The hand was a specific focus for us, transforming the flat features to live-action, using texturing and lighting to bring it to life.” 

On capturing Matthew McConaughey’s likeness, Animation Lead Jacob Bergman comments, “Our goal was to capture an authentic Matthew McConaughey performance…but have it look paper thin. To do so, our Animation team expertly copied his mannerisms and stride, frame by frame. The team added important nuance, such as a paper-like weight and movement to the figure.” 


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