The Mill, TWBA and Ian Pons Jewell bring classic gaming titles to the forefront in epic Oculus 2 spot

Work May 30, 2021

Earlier this year, we joined forces with TWBA and director Ian Pons Jewell to create a three-minute film of epic proportions for Facebook Oculus’s  campaign. The spot showcases cinematic portrayals of classic Oculus titles such as Medal of Honor, Beat Saber and The Walking Dead.

VFX Supervisor Adam Droy stated: “We utilised every technique in the book to bring each vignette of this commercial to life. From intricate headset transitions, crowd zombies, huge matte painting environments, complicated camera stitching, water simulations, explosions, fishing rod extensions, gliding Digi doubles and more smoke than a 90’s disco, this project had it all!”.

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