The Mill x FILFURY Capsule Collection

We teamed up with Artist and Director FILFURY on a line of Mill inspired swag. What started as open brief to design swag for our creative collaborators during Superbowl LV, turned into a streetwear inspired line of Mill merchandise. Read on to discover more about the upcoming capsule collection.
Community April 9, 2021

What started as an open brief to design Superbowl LV swag quickly evolved into an elevated swag offering under the direction of fashion-forward and inspired FILFURY. The Mill teamed up with FILFURY and Residency Apparel, a non-profit that supports women transitioning out of homelessness, for an epic collection of swag with seasonal drops. We sat down with FILFURY for a closer look at the effortlessly cool and timeless designs.


What were your inspirations going into this project?
I was inspired by things I’m personally into: I naturally looked to streetwear and fashion but also comfort. We are all in lockdown and I wanted the clothing to be comfortable, easy to wear and high quality. Like any brief I’m given I look to execute at the highest of levels of craft – this was no different.


Can you briefly talk about your design process?
I looked at The Mill logo first, I’ve always loved it…for real, it’s actually one of my favorite logos. The simple structure of repeated form that looks like a mill/factory silhouette is so graphic and immediate. It’s not like I created something groundbreaking here, but I loved the idea of elongating the form to create a pattern. My desire was to keep things simple but have some fun with the logo and create an evolution of the mark to fit a bespoke capsule collection of quality garments.


What was the first item that came to mind, how did it turn into a variety of swag products?
I started with what I seem to be wearing everyday…a black hoodie. I love loud fashion, but personally I keep my day to day very simple and black. Of course I rock loud sneakers, but I keep the top half of my outfits a little more sensible and mature.

From there I created a few more simple concepts. I explored the possibility of sweaters, tees, beanies, and then wanted to mix it up by adding a bit of flair and personality – with some Mill branded socks and slides. This is all down-the-line of course but when the inspiration hits I have to act on it.

How does this project differ from your digital creations?
I don’t think it does really. I love creating whatever the medium and final outcome or delivery. Everything starts in the same place: on my Notes app. Whether that evolves into a digital image or gets animated or printed, it’s all got the same thought process behind it.


What are your current favorite apparel trends?
Digital fashion. It’s hard to ignore what’s going on with NFTs and crypto art creations…seeing a digital sneaker sell for $3.1m dollars has definitely captured my attention. I love the idea of fashion that stays digital, with no sweatshops involved and a customization quality that seems endless.


How do you personally style your Mill hoodie?
All black everything, except icy white sneakers of course.


Can you tell us about the hype film?
Whilst designing the swag garments I couldn’t help myself thinking how cool this would all look animated…as if we weren’t busy enough, I managed to rope in a killer team to help me bring it to life. The result is a fun, playful, tease of the collection and what’s to come. Just wanted to say a big thanks to all those involved, always appreciate the extra time given just for the love of making cool stuff.

Hype Film Credits

Director: FILFURY
3D Supervisor: Graeme Turnbull
3D Lead: Michael O’donoghue
3D: Michael Kash
3D: Laurie Estampes
FX: Jae Jun Yi
2D Supervisor: Chris Knight
Edit: Natalie Wozniak
Music: Jon Riley



Check out more of FILFURY’s creations on his Instagram @filfury and on his website here. View more of FILFURY’s work with The Mill via his Creative Talent profile.