The Mill’s CG Design Director, Will MacNeil collaborates with Echoic Audio on a short film to mark the sound studios 10th Anniversary

Work December 8, 2020

To celebrate a decade of music and sound design in commercials, animation, and independent films, Echoic Audio has joined forces with leading artists and creative agencies to create a series of experimental brand-led films.

Their latest film showcases a collaboration with The Mill’s CG Design Director, Will MacNeil, who was inspired by the shapes found within Echoic’s branding. Will states “I wanted to experiment with tessellation – the way some shapes fit together perfectly to fill up a space. So I built a system that used the Echoic shapes to create a big tessellating plane. The rest is just an experiment with colour and texture.

We’ve been working with Echoic for several years now and consider them creative partners. We often speak to them very early in a project and get their thoughts, not just on music and sound design, but on any creative element in the job.”


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