The Mill’s Creative Technologists are here to send you to space!

Our Experience team crafted an out-of-this-world AR filter to kick-off 'The Future of Creative Technology' Festival.
Work March 22, 2021

In celebration of kicking off our first ever virtual festival, The Future of Creative Technology, we’ve launched an exclusive AR filter today.

Over the past week, we crowd sourced ideas for a filter from our Instagram followers. The brief was broad. We invited big-thinking and received tons of incredible ideas; from a virtual tarot deck, to a filter that would select which snack to munch whilst attending the festival. We put a short-list of top ideas to a public vote and the winner was “Send me to space!” which just so happened to match our galaxy-vibe of the festival graphics!

Our team of Creative Technologists got to work, crafting a gravity-defying space adventure with interactive interstellar elements. Here’s how you can try your astronaut helmet on for size…

  • Head to @millchannel Instagram
  • Click on the face filter icon
  • Hit ‘Send me to space!’
  • Share & TAG US @millchannel
  • Watch out for a ‘making of’ tutorial coming soon


Learn more about our Social AR work here. Get in touch with The Mill Experience Team regarding any upcoming projects via our contact page.