The Mill’s Design Studio continues ongoing collaboration with Google Nest to showcase Energy Impact Program

Work March 23, 2023

Did you know that low-income communities and communities of color face the most impacts of climate change?

To showcase the the Energy Impact Program, The Mill Design Studio partnered with Google for our fifth collaboration for the Google Nest Renew series led by Head of Design Mike Schaeffer and Art Director James van den Elshout.

With Nest Renew, you earn “Leafs” by using the service and taking actions that can save energy at home and help the environment. As you reach Leaf milestones, you can direct Nest Renew funds to your choice of nonprofits from our list of partners across the US.

“Our collaboration with Google has led to further evolution of our Nest Renew Science Faire Chic™ aesthetic that we created together. It was such an enjoyable experience simplifying the complexity of renewable energy visually, and I’m in love with the meticulous attention to mechanical details by James and his team. ”
-Mike Schaeffer, Head of Design
“Energy Impact Program is the latest installment of our ongoing library of projects with the Google Nest team. This time around we had the opportunity to push the visuals a bit further and add some thinking and detail to the inner workings of our contraptions and props. It definitely brought the kid out of us all as we thought about the construction of model cars, houses and towns.”
-James van den Elshout, Art Director