The Mill’s FILFURY Directs a Film of Epic Proportions for Unreal

The entire film was developed within Epic’s Unreal Engine.
Work July 22, 2020

The Mill and Epic Games have continued their ongoing creative collaboration with a new film launched at Epic’s Unreal Fest 2020.  The cinematic brand film displays the versatility of Epic’s Unreal Engine across a multitude of industries, from gaming and entertainment to architecture and automotive.


Directed by The Mill’s FILFURY, the entire production was crafted in CGI using the Unreal engine, enabling the team to achieve extraordinary levels of detail and interactivity in real-time. Created during global lockdown across time zones, ‘Unreal for Creators’ was developed to inspire developers and creators everywhere, giving them a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of the Unreal Engine.


Director FILFURY comments, “The film’s concept focused on connecting the four pillars of Unreal creativity – Architecture, Automotive, Gaming and Media/Entertainment. So my desire was to create a loose journey through these worlds where you feel a creator creating within Unreal. Of course I then wanted to have some fun with seamless transitions and connect the narrative. I was inspired by the engine itself, how it had been used for entertainment and gaming.”


Sound Designer / Composer, Jonathan Riley. Check out the full list of credits here.

View more of FILFURY’s work on his Creator profile and Instagram @FILFURY.