The Mill’s Global Director of Emerging Technology, Boo Wong, speaks at CES on ‘Virtual & Immersive Hollywood: An Era of Creativity’

News January 19, 2021

Global Director of Emerging Technology, Boo Wong spoke alongside a panel of creative powerhouses at Digital Hollywood’s panel ‘Virtual & Immersive Hollywood: An Era of Creativity’ presented by CES.

Panelists include:
Nigel Tierney, Head of Content, Verizon/RYOT
Christina Lee Storm, Manager of Virtual Production, Netflix
Ted Schilowitz, Futurist in Residence, Paramount Pictures
Brett Leonard, co-founder, Studio Lightship
John Canning, Executive Producer – New Media & Experiential, Digital Domain, Moderator

On the industry’s response to shifting to virtual spaces, Boo Wong comments: “The acceleration of innovation and evolution happens the fastest during times of stress, change of conditions, or scant resources. But what I didn’t see coming is the adoption of it happening so quickly. We’ve innovated so fast into moving production onto virtual sets and integrating XR into everything from conference calls to virtual events. The nice to have perks, like virtual location scouts and using XR in our workflow, are now a must have.”


Click here to watch the entire panel hosted by Digital Hollywood.


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