The Mill’s Pride Creative Collective: A Global Call To Art

Community June 1, 2021

To celebrate World Pride Month this year The Mill is hosting The Pride Creative Collective, a global call to art. As a strong creative community, let’s use our voices to uplift and celebrate one another and use our creativity for good. Each submission that The Mill receives will generate a donation to a LGBTQ+ nonprofit organization, local to each studio. If you’re entering from outside The Mill, please include your suggested nonprofit for donation along with your art!

As we’ve seen over this past year, we are all makers at heart so we are encouraging everyone from all departments to participate. This can be in the form of an illustration, photography, animation, Pride themed baked goods, an AR filter, fashion or any other medium. Collaboration is highly encouraged, so let’s get creative. We want to see how you take Pride!

Here’s what we’re looking for

  • Stills, GIF’s or MP4’s under 4MB each
  • 9 x 16 format preferred, can use other dimensions
  • Include your works titles and/or a short description

“Getting to know yourself is a lifetime journey that we often task ourselves to do alone. Often we do not reveal our growth until we’ve fully come into an identity. But we don’t have to go through this experience by ourselves. The mistakes, differences, and the simple moments are universal. We should all feel proud to share our stories.

After the recent passing of visionary artist, SOPHIE, it felt imperative to reach back within our own Mill community and to have some form of discourse around identity. To be honest, visible and vulnerable about our own experiences. What better way to express ourselves than through what The Mill knows best, creativity and collaboration.” –  Aubrey Bang-Guerin, Mill Production Coordinator and kickstarter of The Pride Creative Collective.

Please submit all work to by June 18th to participate.