The person behind the persona | Jayleen Perez reveals what it is like playing digital persona, Violet

Earlier this summer, we hosted our epic annual summer party at our New York studio. The party saw friends of The Mill gathering for live music, cocktails, and sweeping views of downtown Manhattan. A main highlight of the bash? An 80s-themed barcade and speakeasy hosted by digital persona, Violet. We spoke to Jayleen Perez, the person behind the persona, to hear about her experience playing Violet and what it was like revealing her identity at The Mill Summer Party.
Community July 26, 2022

How long have you been portraying digital persona, Violet?

Violet’s development started in 2019 prior to the pandemic. You can say I’ve been living in the Metaverse through Violet for about 3 years now. Time flies when you’re having fun.

What was it like pulling back the curtain at The Mill Summer Party and showing guests the magic behind Violet?

It was a foreign yet liberating feeling. The root of Violet’s identity was grounded in her anonymity for 2 years so it was refreshing to lift the curtain and showcase the intricate process behind what it takes to become a virtual persona such as Violet. It was amazing to see the range of reactions from guests and the overall curiosity in the real-time technology.

Word on the street is Violet had her very own signature cocktail in the 80s arcade-inspired speakeasy at The Mill Summer Party. Can you divulge what this specialty drink was? Did Violet enjoy tending bar for the evening?

Yes, it’s true! Her drink of the night was the Aviation. The Aviation included Empress gin which provided a violet hue, maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, and lemon juice. Violet was certainly in her element and had a blast gaming and bringing guests together.

Violet was the star of the show at the speakeasy. What was the reaction from guests?

How kind! Violet thanks you for your kind words. She thinks you’re a star as well.

By far, this was the best part of the experience. Some guests were convinced that Violet was artificial intelligence. Some were shocked to find out that Violet was driven by a real human being. It was so satisfying to redirect their attention to our back of house camera which showcased my IRL self alongside all the technology. I think it was critical to have the back of house camera to provide context to the Violet experience.

What is your favourite part about portraying Violet?

Establishing a connection with real people in real-time takes the cake. But through the lens of the virtual. The benefit to having a real-time character such as Violet is you can have an unlimited amount of unique interactions. No conversation will be exactly the same. I think this goes a long way in a post-quarantine environment where people crave authentic human interaction. Alongside the social component, this real-time technology allows us to be creative with how people can interact with one another and transforms the mundane into something magical.

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