Using the power of creativity for good

Over the past year, The Mill has joined forces with multiple partners and one shared mission in mind: Creativity for Good. We look back at a spectrum of work that highlights crucial causes such as racial injustice, sustainability, climate change and safe housing for LGBTQ+ young people.
Work May 10, 2021

AKT ‘We Are Family’

We crafted the first ever campaign video for LGBTQ+ charity akt (The Albert Kennedy Trust) that launched during their two-day digital festival, #aktogether sessions. The two-day digital festival was created with the aim of bringing together LGBTQ+ music, comedy and drag from across the UK, as well as panel discussions with members from their community.

Exploring the origins of Avocado Green Mattress

Following the success of our first Avocado Green Mattress campaign, the next step on our creative journey was to create an engaging and insightful campaign to tell the story of Avocado’s products. This campaign focuses on how they’re made, and how they contribute to a greater mission to support the health of the planet and its people.

Courageous Conversation ‘Not A Gun’

We collaborated with Director Kevin Foley of Rakish and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners on Courageous Conversation’s hard hitting public service announcement, ‘Not A Gun’. The campaign highlights the systemic problem of violence against people of color and encourages law enforcement agencies to incorporate CCGF’s unconscious bias training into the curriculum for officers.

IBM ‘Know The Cost Of Water’

In an effort to bring attention to global water scarcity, IBM rebranded The Weather Channel as The Water Channel. They approached The Mill to develop a campaign that amplified this message and helped individuals visualize the true water cost of their everyday items.

Abdou Cisse ‘Damage Control’

‘Damage Control’ is a five-minute action-comedy, graded by Mill Colourist James Bamford, that exposes us to but a fraction of the daily struggles and systematic stereotypes imposed on Afro Caribbean cultures. Based on real-life experiences, the film gives an insight into things that Black people have to face, dispel and destroy on a routine basis.

Create Not Hate ‘Racist Dinosaur’

We partnered with Quiet Storm and Red Brick Road to help create ‘Racist Dinosaur’. A spot that depicts those spewing racist remarks such as ‘send ’em back’ and ‘I ain’t seen a white face around ‘ere in years’ as prehistoric dinosaurs in the modern age.

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