The Stable | TBWA, The Mill & Winamax: Anything For Your Mama

Press June 1, 2021

Betting advertising is running hot right now and creativity is being challenged. Standing out in the crowd has become imperative.

TBWA\Paris has solved the problem for Winamax with a campaign that reinvents the codes of the sector by proposing a new reading of the punter and his motivations. OK, it borrows from lottery advertising but that’s not a bad thing. Lotteries have been promising huge wins for decades. TBWA and Winamax have picked up a little bonus on the way. Their campaign, which has launched to cover the Champions League final and the duration of Euro 2020, as about a young man who thrills his mum with a first-class trip after his wins an online sports bet.

Director, Sam Pilling, and Wanda have added cinematic drama, epic action and perfectly poised surprise into the agency’s idea to produce a 2-minute film that can’t be overlooked and is unlikely to be forgotten. Elvis’ ‘If I Can Dream’ underline the film’s emotional content and the closing line, Anything for your mama, adds the all-essential “heart”.


With VFX & Colour at The Mill. You can read the full article on The Stable or get in touch with our VFX team via our contact page.