The story of Glenfiddich’s iconic Stag told through the power of photoreal VFX

Work October 21, 2020

We joined forces with SPACE and Director Philippe Andre out of Independent Films to explore the story behind the iconic Glenfiddich Stag. The photoreal CG Stag was created by our VFX team who ensured that the creature’s genetic makeup and movements were as accurate as possible while it maneuvers its way through varied terrain.

The 30-second film opens with the stag in its natural Highland habitat while a voiceover informs us that every year these animals shed their antlers and face huge uncertainty. In its newly exposed state, the Glenfiddich stag ventures into a threatening and unknown cityscape.

Claudia Falcone, Glenfiddich Global Brand Director at William Grant & Sons, comments: “In collaboration with the Glenfiddich team, Phillipe and The Mill we wanted to draw on the brand’s rich history but look to the future, to capture both in a story of the stag for the here and now – iconic and powerful but also connecting with its fear and trepidation. And setting this against the epic Highland backdrop and the modern city – both very much a part of the brand – creates a beautiful image.”


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