The Verge | Virtual Realms – turning virtual worlds into physical spaces

Press August 20, 2021

Virtual Realms saw an opportunity for video game developers to fuse their virtual worlds into physical spaces, taking audience interaction and experiences to the next level. That’s where The Mill came in.

We worked with KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS on ‘WALL’, an interactive experience inspired by action game ‘Death Stranding‘ which recently featured at the ArtScience Museum’s exhibition, Virtual Realms: Videogames Transformed.

The installation transported visitors of the exhibition to a new dimension. Making its international debut in Singapore on 12 June, it showcased videogame creativity across six new installations that reshape how games can be experienced in virtual and physical realms.

The Verge talks about how gaming designers are tackling this new realm of blended worlds and how they’re making their way around the world. Read the full article here.