TODAY | Martha Stewart wants to help you celebrate Dry January — with vodka

Tito’s and Martha Stewart are here to help you make use of your vodka — apart from drinking it — this month.
Press January 9, 2023
Story by Joseph Lamour for TODAY

With the new year comes a new batch of cleaning tips from a pillar of homemaking.

On Jan. 3, Tito’s Handmade Vodka announced a partnership with Martha Stewart with a new campaign just in time for Dry January.

Dry January, for those who aren’t familiar, is the month when people choose to stop drinking alcohol after a cocktail-rich holiday season in December to start the new year on a healthier and sober note. Stewart herself stopped by the TODAY plaza last month to share her (very) boozy eggnog recipe that included three different types of spirits, so this month Stewart is helping others turn over a new leaf.

In a hilarious 60-second clip, the marvelous maven of entertaining suggests various ways you could use Tito’s in a way that doesn’t include taking a swig directly from the bottle like you may have done on New Year’s Eve.

“Hey, I get it. It’s Dry January, so you’re not drinking much,” says Stewart in the clip as she sits with a bottle of Tito’s. “But if you have Tito’s lying around, just don’t stare at it, use it.”

The tongue-in-cheek campaign showcases how “Dry January” can easily become “DIY January,” as the lifestyle expert makes use of Tito’s in various comedically innovative ways. These include sanitizing a pair of “musty” boots and spicing up her “Friday night” by cutting through dirt and grime using a bottle of Tito’s that has a custom-made spray attachment. Stewart even adds a bit of Tito’s to crushed tomato to make a vodka sauce — then adds a little bit more.

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