Traveling the world and breaking down barriers with NordicTrack

Mill Director Bowe King teams up with NordicTrack once again on three globetrotting films to promote the brands Interactive Personal Training program, powered by iFit.
Work November 25, 2020

Mill Director, Bowe King continues our ongoing collaboration with NordicTrack with three pulse pounding films to showcase the fitness brand’s Interactive Personal Training, powered by iFit, that allows users to break barriers and cross borders without ever leaving home. Users can choose from running, walking tours, total-body workouts, and more as they follow their unique personal trainer through stunning destinations around the world.


From ideation to execution, The Mill worked collaboratively with NordicTrack to highlight their immersive workout experiences. Users can hike in Giza with an archeologist, run through the African savanna alongside local wildlife, or take a leisurely stroll through the Hollywood Hills.

Director Bowe King comments: “We worked with our brand team to develop an overall creative strategy where we ultimately landed on this campaign that centers on breaking the borders of the screen, tearing the walls down around you, and having an entirely new environment unfold. The core value of the film is the unique relationship between the user and the trainer.”

The Mill’s VFX team worked hand and hand with Nordictrack to develop three powerful films communicating the immersive workout experience. 2D Lead Artist Gareth Parr comments: “We comped a handful of scenes with the help of LA’s natural surroundings. The waves crashing onto the beaches of Thailand were shot in Malibu, and the mountains in the mid-ground of Mount Fuji were shot by our 3D Lead Artist, Graeme Turnbull, on his morning ride. Overall, we wanted each moment to have its own distinct feel and time so incorporating those shots along with matte painting and lighting was crucial to make a believable environment.”


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