Unreal Engine | A look behind the scenes of ‘Unreal for All Creators’

Press September 18, 2020

Game developers have been crafting absorbing interactive entertainment in real-time engines like Unreal Engine for decades. Today, real-time technology is rapidly establishing itself across a broad spectrum of industries, and those using Unreal Engine include architects, automotive designers, cinematographers, simulation experts, and—of course—game developers, as well as many other professionals.

To celebrate creators across all industries, we commissioned artist and director FILFURY and his team at The Mill to make a short brand film using Unreal Engine. The result was Unreal for All Creators.

In this interview, we speak to FILFURY about his experience on the project as he takes us behind the scenes.

“What was refreshing with the brief from Epic was that it was so open, and they trusted me with the vision to kind of have some fun, bring it to life and really push the possibilities of what could be done in Unreal,” he says.

“I’ve got an amazing team at The Mill and we pull off all these big visual effects commercials and films that we make together.”


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To get in touch with our teams about working with Unreal Engine, you can contact them here, more of FILFURY’s work can also be viewed on his Creator profile and Instagram @FILFURY.