Visionary Beauty and Elegance to Johnnie Walker Campaign

Award-Winning Director, Paul Anderson brings visionary beauty and elegance to Johnnie Walker's newest campaign, Less Talking. In this lavish masterpiece, The Mill/MPC teamed up with production company, Mob Film to provide both stunning colour and high-end visual effects.
News December 30, 2021

Featuring American Actor, Milla Jovovich, the campaign hopes to inspire individuals to socialise and interact with confidence. The campaign does this through its tagline: ”Less Talking, Keep Walking”, reflecting Johnnie Walker’s own action-orientated mindset.

“The campaign idea stems from a very powerful insight that ties in brand, region, Milla and our audience together perfectly,” explains João Inácio, Associate Creative Director, Dept. “Actions talk louder than words and Milla, just like Johnnie, is the perfect example of someone who lets the walking do the talking.

With VFX Supervisor, Pedro Santos at the helm, The Mill/MPC brought the campaign for this high-end brand to life in under two weeks.

Johnnie Walker’s newest campaign launched with a 30-second advert, which has been released in 13 different Countries

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