We created two AR filters for Sundance Film Festival 2020

News January 24, 2020

We were tasked with creating two brand new filters to promote Sundance Film Festival. Taking place in Utah, Sundance is an exhibition of the best indie films produced locally and from around the world. It’s a festival that extends beyond the event and gets indie filmmakers seen, distributed & spread. Instagram is the platform, and AR the vehicle in which festival goers will share live scenes directly from the festival. With the development of these new face filters, you don’t need to be in Utah to be a part of the experience – Social AR allows an interactive piece of the festival to be experienced by anybody, anywhere in the world.

For this year’s Sundance AR effects, we followed in step with the viral ‘sorting hat’ AR trend, creating the ‘Everyone’s A Critic ‘ selector, where a sorting hat style format provides the user with their personal critics consensus – be it fabulous or calamitous. The red carpet midwinter in Utah will be feeling the cold, so our second effect ‘Snowbursts’  turns your world into a Sundance-branded snowfall.


Head to the Sundance Instagram page to try the filters out for yourself.