Webby Talks | ‘Under the Influence’

News December 13, 2019

On Monday 2nd November, Managing Director of IADAS & Industry Relations, Angela Carola held an edition of Webby Talks at The Mill’s Los Angeles studio.

Now in its ninth year, Webby Talks is an in-depth, thought-provoking look at a current trends we see happening Online and in the world at large. Each year, The Awards team looks at their extensive body of entries and at what is happening within our industry to determine emerging trends on the Internet, and how they’re shaping our lives and work.

The Webby Talk tour started in September 2019 and will run on until January 2020, covering 17 cities and holding over 250 meetings with the best and brightest in the digital world. This year’s Webby Talks theme is ‘Under the Influence: How the Internet exploits our thirst for a good fight, and leaves us wanting more’.

In her talk at The Mill, Carola emphasized that as much as the internet is obsessed with controversial viral debates such as do you wash your legs in the shower?, statistically it’s not what audiences want to see. She then went on to highlight Webby winners that have captured audience’s attention without controversy, using the examples of  Ai Wei Wei’s Humanity Project and The New York Public Libraries Insta Novels. The main take away from her talk was that brands can still capture audiences through highlighting positive causes, without creating controversy.

Check out the Webby Talks schedule to find out when your nearest talk will be here.