We’ve secured four nominations for the 2023 VES Awards

News January 17, 2023

We have received four VES Award shortlist nominations!

The Visual Effects Society announced their full list of nominations for their 2023 awards. We’re incredibly excited to see that we have been nominated four times in two different categories.

The Visual Effects Society (VES) honours outstanding visual effects work and the artists who created them. Every year, it’s a highlight within the VFX community, celebrating the creative skill and technical achievements of the industry. VES winners will be announced at the VES Awards Gala in February.

Check out our nominated work below.


Samsung ‘Playtime Is Over’ | Outstanding Compositing & Lighting in a Commercial

Damien Canameras
Guillaume Dadaglio
Sébastien Podsiadlo
Christophe Plouvier

Cartier ‘Tank’ | Outstanding Compositing & Lighting in a Commercial

Stephane Pivron
Mathias Barday
Valentin Lesueur
Eric Lemains

Samsung ‘Love At First Sight’ | Outstanding Compositing & Lighting in a Commercial

Marta Carbonell Amela
Stefan Susemihl
Lonni Wong
Jiyoung Lee

Severance ‘Episode 1’ | Outstanding VFX in Photoreal Episode

Vadim Turchin
Nicole Melius
David Piombino
David Rouxel

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