What is ADNIGHT? Inside the Amsterdam festival with Program Coordinator Annika Timmer

News October 10, 2022

How did ADNIGHT start?

In 2015, six young people started ADNIGHT to provide a bit more of an insight into the creative industry in Amsterdam. They did this by getting companies to literally open their doors, and allow individuals to see what the creative industry is really like.

Their main goal was to show what a broad variety of creative agencies there are in Amsterdam, not only the bigger advertising agencies, but also the smaller, really creative companies such as animators, visualisers and production companies. ADNIGHT also gives creative companies a chance to host talks and inspire audiences by discussing their latest projects, experiences and how you can work with them.

What can someone who’s attending ADNIGHT this year expect from the program?

In the last three years since covid, we haven’t really been able to connect and showcase what people can do. However If you look at all the events, themes and timetables that we recently published, you can see that companies are really making the most out of it

We also have groups that will be delving into really relevant topics around the world such as diversity, inclusivity, climate change and what more we can do as an industry. So I think compared to other years, companies are showcasing not only what they can do on a service and product level, but also on a DNA level – who they are and why it’s fun to work with them.

This year we have also launched a new app where you can buy your tickets and see the full timetable of fun activities from our highest number of ADNIGHT participants to date.

You can purchase tickets to ADNIGHT here.