What is DECODED? Discover our Experience team’s roundtable dinner exploring innovative technology & immersive experiences

Work December 7, 2022

What is DECODED?

We invited industry leaders to our London studio for a roundtable dinner to explore together the challenges we are facing in Experiential marketing and to discuss how we can solve them collaboratively.

We wanted to show The Mill in a new light, letting our guests experience the exciting innovations and thinking that drive us at the forefront of immersive technology and let them test current R&D projects before the roundtable.

The Immersive Installation – Nothing is Real until it is Experienced

As part of this evening full of new ideas in the world of experiential marketing, we turned the third floor of our London Studio into a surprise immersive installation that would challenge guests’ sense of reality and help with the required shift in understanding what The Mill Experience Team can do for them. 

On their way up to dinner in our Loft, the lift would suddenly stop on the third floor, with the doors opening into an unexpected landscape of spatial immersion. 

The narrative concept plays off people’s expectations, surprising audiences with the unexpected to clear their perceptive palette and open them up to emotionally connecting with new stories. Coming to the office, they may be expecting a floor full of desks and computers. Instead we’re suggesting the Mill’s creative power comes from its hive mind of creative and technical thinking, here represented as a digital creature. We are showing the brain of our creative beasts. The audience can sense its thoughts, hear it thinking, feel its emotions.

Most of the hardware for the installation is surplus equipment from the new hybrid office model – so we leveraged this opportunity to give new purpose and show how these city office spaces can be environments for guests to play with your brand and experience your story like never before.

“As the event was about showing The Mill from a different angle, we decided to play with our guests’ notions of what goes on inside our studio. So instead of arriving at a floor full of artists and project rooms, the guests see a video sculpture loosely representing how we collectively attack a creative challenge. The screens and their accompanying sounds represent our diverse approaches. For a while, the disparate images, animation and noises seem to work against each other, but then slowly start to align and lock into place as they find commonality between them and eventually create a sort of visual and audible harmony.”
Will MacNeil, Experience Design Director
“The installation was an exercise in marrying our experience of virtual worlds on screen with our visceral experience of real space. We arrived at the fundamental structure of a forced perspective video wall based on the hardware and site constraints, and the visual language developed from there. The 3d environment, physical projections, and the surfaces of the screens themselves were all designed as elements of one mixed reality, which embraced the aesthetic of fragmented mosaics and the one point perspective. This presented us with spatial opportunities that we could use to form an abstract narrative around, using colour to elevate the experience into an emotional journey.
Jack Holmes, Spatial Design & Art Direction

You can get in touch with our Experience team to discuss the landscape of Experience and how we can help shape your brand campaigns here. You can also read more about our full DECODED event here.


The Team
Will MacNeil: Design Director
Jack Holmes: Spatial Design & Art Direction
Eleanor Edwards: Creative Developer
Samira Abdelmalek: Project Manager
Daniel Butters: Creative Technologist
Annie Banyard: Digital Designer
Phil Haworth: Narrative
Sound Design: Factory