What is the Design Weekender? 60 seconds with Henry Foreman, Head of Design

Thought April 1, 2020

We spoke to Henry Foreman, Head of Design at The Mill’s London studio on The Mill’s Design Weekender and what it’s all about…

What is the Design Weekender?

The Weekender is a global bimonthly showcase of design work from artists across all of our studios. It mainly covers personal work in a broad and growing spectrum, from illustration and character development to abstract CG, photography, games and everything else in between. We cut all of the content into a quickfire Instagram story, and also highlight the individual pieces in a ‘Story’ feature on The Mill website.

Why do we do it?

We’re lucky to have studios brimming with super talented artists that are constantly creating. The Weekender gives us the opportunity to provide them with a platform to show off some of their own creations outside of scheduled projects.

Who is it for?

Everyone! There’s no limit to who can engage with the work. Although it’s a great resource for creatives, clients and Mill staff as it often helps develop briefs and projects with original references.

How does it work?

Every two months I send a call out across the company two weeks before we’re due it create one, then get excited to see all the cool work I’m sent!


You can check out the latest edition of the Design Weekender here.

Keep an eye out on @millchannel Instagram and the ‘Stories’ section of the website for our Design Weekender.