You watch for the game, we watch for the creativity | Revisiting our past Super Bowl collaborations

Super Bowl 57 is right around the corner and we're gearing up for the big game with a look back on some of our favorite collaborations of years past.
Work February 6, 2023

Over the past several years, The Mill has worked with some of the biggest brands and creative partners to bring their ideas to life during one of the USA’s biggest advertising moments of the year: The Super Bowl. For six years straight, The Mill has been a part of the USA Today’s Ad Meter top spots, with many of their collaborations making the top 10.

In the 2022 Super Bowl 56, The Mill worked with 34 creative partners, which led the studio and its collaborators to close in the number one spot on Ad Meter with Rocket Mortgage’s ‘Dream House’ – starring Anna Kendrick and Barbie herself. With an average score of 6.82, the hilarious spot was deemed the best of Super Bowl 56. In a close 2nd place with an average score of 6.78, The Mill worked on Amazon ‘Mind Reader’, which depicted celebrity couple Scarlett Johansson and husband Colin Jost as they imagine what life would be like if their Amazon Alexa device was able to read their minds. Additionally, six other collaborations made Ad Meter’s Top 10, including Toyota ‘Brothers’ which took the number 5 slot on the list, BMW ‘Zeus & Hera’ at number 7, Toyota ‘The Joneses’ ranking 9, and E-Trade ‘Off the Grid’ at 10.

In the 2021 Super Bowl 55, The Mill delivered another slew of notable spots with some of the biggest creative partners. The studio was once again part of the top selects in USA Today’s Ad Meter rankings for the fifth year running. In 2021, Amazon ‘Alexa’s Body’ came in at 3rd place and Doritos ‘Flat Matthew’ and Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade ‘Last Year’s Lemons’ were part of the Top 10, coming in 9th and 10th place, respectively.

In the 2020 Super Bowl 54, The Mill was part of the winning commercial in USA Today’s Ad Meter rankings for the fourth year running with Jeep ‘Groundhog Day’. In the automaker’s 60-second spot, Bill Murray reprises his role as meteorologist Phil Connors from the 1993 comedy classic of the same name. Stephen Tobolowsky also makes a cameo as insurance salesman Ned Ryerson, and Brian Doyle-Murray appears as the top hat-wearing Groundhog Day master of ceremonies. Rocket Mortgage ‘Comfortable’ was also included in the list of Top 5 commercials from Super Bowl’s Ad Meter this year. Furthermore, 29 of the commercials that aired during the 2020 game were in collaboration with The Mill, including a memorable 2-minute film for the NFL that launched at the start of the game. A total of 62 commercials were shown during the Super Bowl broadcast, meaning that The Mill’s creative collaborations made up approximately 46% of the spots shown during the game.

For previous year’s Super Bowls, The Mill also held the Ad Meter number one spots for NFL ‘The 100 Year Game’ in 2019, Amazon ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’ in 2018, and Kia ‘Hero’s Journey’ in 2017.


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