Zillow, Fig and The Mill Virtually Create ‘The Real Value of a Home’

News April 16, 2020

Our homes have now become our classrooms, offices, gyms and so much more. Understanding the real value of a home is at the heart of Zillow’s newly launched ad, which was produced by The Mill in conjunction with creative agency FIG. 

With a two-week turnaround, the campaign was produced entirely in isolation from concept to delivery, using time-lapse photography to capture 24 hours worth of family activities inside a real home. 

Director Nic Yiallouris explains “we had to approach production in a new way that not only adhered to the local and federal rules but also didn’t feel like an invasion of privacy. This meant that everything had to be done remotely via video conferencing: the location scout, wardrobe and technical discussions all happened in real-time over wifi.” We were fortunate to find a director of photography that not only had a house that fit the brand messaging but also a picture-perfect family ready to star in the project.

Commenting on the production workflow he adds “we developed a pipeline that would allow us to move a massive amount of footage through the cloud and onto our secure servers so that our engineers, editors and flame artists could access it in real time and work on the fly. At the end of each shoot day we were able to regroup with the agency and review what was shot in prep for the next day.”

Ultimately, we were able to deliver a sincere and important message during these times of uncertainty for our clients.

Check out the BTS below.