Production Company



Johnny Hardstaff


Design / VFX / Shoot Supervision / Colour


Seamlessly enhance a beautifully crafted spot featuring two Audi cars gliding gracefully around a swimming pool.


Concept and build a CGI Swimming Pool environment to host a harmonious performance by two of Audi’s latest models.


A full CG environment build, CG Car shots and animation, CG Water Simulation 4 Million + Views on Audi’s YouTube.

Mill Creative Director Dan Williams explains, ‘The scale of the project was huge, and we had several preliminary meetings with Director Johnny Hardstaff in order to find the right approach. There were no actual swimming pool locations that were big enough for the kind of choreography we wanted to achieve.


From the offset Johnny wanted a swimming pool environment which was “bright, sun filled, with strong modernist brutalist architecture, swathes of gravity defying concrete, glass, soft hues and light bouncing” – a place which echoed the Audi models that were to dance within it.


Across the shots we added simulated CG water, created CG cars for adding the environment reflections, repaired the pool floor and added a full CG swimming pool environment finishing it all with a punchy modern grade to pop the cars from the fantastically blue background.’

A combination of highly technical VFX aspects brought this photo-realistic piece to life for Audi.

Watch the full Behind the Scenes below