Amana inc.



Production Company

Toboggan Inc.


Robert Sethi, The Mill


Direction / Design / Animation / Colour


The team was tasked with crafting a film that illustrated the various first-of-their-kind visual and sound tech specs of the impressive Sony 4K BRAVIA OLED tv.


Mill Director, Robert Sethi, drew inspiration from the aesthetics of carnivals and the first Television set unveiling in Queens at the New York World Fair in 1939. The film was finished in Nuke and graded in-house.


A fully-CG fantastical world of pinball was created entirely in C4D, with the client requiring a unique and highly complex 4K 60 frame-per-second HDR deliverables.

“This was a super exciting project for an incredible product and brand. It was a small team and a seamless creative collaboration. The key was to create a flow that you could watch multiple times and access at any starting point, the narrative was key, it had to be entertaining but not restrict the ability to dip in and out at any moment”
Mill Director Robert Sethi