It doesn’t always need to be a white Christmas! MPC worked with director Miles Aldridge to add a colourful vibe to Glenmorangie's 2020 festive film.


Glenmorangie’s film features vibrant colors, bubbles, popcorns, and above all people together. Inspired by the brand’s signature orange color, 'It's Kind of Delicious and Wonderful' uses vibrant tones to turn everyday experiences into joyful moments. The Mill/MPC's Colourist Philip Hambi worked with Sony Venice footage captured by the director and cinematographer during a lockdown shoot.


The campaign calls back to a specific 'moment in time', full of quirky details portrayed in a slick cinematic style. The film was used in the print ads that Miles created to promote the campaign and was awarded a D&AD Wood Pencil for Colour Grade, and was shortlisted at this year's CICLOPE and Kinsale Shark Awards for Colour Grade.

Award nominations for Best Colour
Best Ads on TV, AdWeek & Campaign
Wood Pencil winner for Best Colour Grade




Production Company

2B Management


Miles Aldridge

To bring the campaign to life, The Mill/Mikros MPC artists provided extensive compositing work and created closing animations, featuring the famous bottle.

“This job is nothing less than epic. I could not wait to get my hands on the Sony Venice footage that had been captured by director Miles Aldridge and cinematographer Ed Rutherford during their lockdown shoot. It’s clear to see why Miles is one of Britain’s most celebrated fashion photographers. Effortlessly delivering an abundance of character and personality in his works, it was a pleasure helping the team reproduce this for their TVC to sit alongside Miles’ print campaign.”
Philip Hambi, Colourist, The Mill/MPC

Full Credits

Philip Hambi, The Mill/MPC:
Agency Team
DDB Paris:
Executive Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev
Creatives: Nicolas Malcorps & Mathieu Masse
Agency Producers: Justine Bruneau & Pia Schneider
Post Producer: Jérôme Deplatière
Print Producer: Christine Rétaux
Social media consultant: Marie Le Scao
Social creative team: Perrine Tixier & Maxime Dagault
Production Team
Production, 2B Management:
Direction: Miles Aldridge
Post Production Team
The Mill/Mikros MPC:
Executive Producer: Quentin Martin
VFX Producer: Sebastien Noyon
Graphic Artists: Julien Maurin, Maxime Orsini, Jean-Martin Mossu
Editors: Philippe Roch, Chloé Charrier
Cold Little Heart:
Sounds: Michael Kiwanuka