Accor hotels wanted to create a biometrically driven experience that told the story of their vast selection of properties while connecting users to them.


For this project we wanted to sidestep the process of rational decision making and cut straight to the heart, so see if our body can tell us the truth of what we desire. We created an interactive art installation and online experience for Accor Hotels that fed stimuli and simultaneously measured behavioral response to aesthetics, locations, social desire, activity levels, and personality.


The result was an immersive installation attended by influencers, who were offered up their ‘best fit’ location based on their responses to stimulus throughout the experience. This content was captured and used to create an anthem film for Accor, that was hosted on a bespoke web page that we coded and designed to visualize the experience.


Accor Hotels


Accor Hotels


Concept / Direction / Creative Coding / Filmmaking / Spatial Design / UI/UX

We were approached by Accor Hotels to help them develop an experience that communicated the vast level of travel options open to their customers.

In a bespoke one-off event, we developed a completely immersive experience for a select group of attendees that used their biometric measurements to judge their emotional responses and thus predict their perfect travel destination.

These measurements were cross-referenced against Accor property variables to automatically supply a “best fit” location for each person that attended the campaign, essentially picking a location based on what their heart desires.

In addition to location suggestion, users were gifted with a generated psychographic artwork as beautiful and unique as a fingerprint, that broke down their affinities and personalities.

The experience was documented and translated into an anthem film for Accor, which was further echoed through an online desktop experience.