The Mill’s Campfire team was tasked with creating awareness and driving interest around Amazon Prime’s newly released original series Hunters. With the aim of developing fans and converting them to advocates for the Prime Video series, we created a one-of-a-kind experience that showcased the iconic themes and texture of the Hunters era.


Despite the dark subject matter, Hunters is a pulpy, exciting thriller that takes place during one of the most iconic periods of NYC, 1977. We set out to recreate the time and place and to go beyond mere nostalgia, by allowing consumers to step into the world of Hunters, interact with over 40 1970s characters, eat, drink, and shop the era, and enjoy the first episode of Hunters in the kind of NYC “grindhouse” it would have played at the time. After the screening, we kept the 70s vibe going across the street at a Hunters themed bowling alley and bar, where the Hunters were brought to life in the completely transformed space, with character-themed premiums, food, cocktails, immersive environments, and one of the 70s most iconic DJs, Grandmaster Flash, spinning songs and keeping people dancing. We turned a sampling event into an unforgettable immersive experience.


The experience was a key part of the overall marketing plan that made the launch of Hunters a success for Amazon. The immersive event hosted over 5,000 attendees, with over 2000 photos shared. Our store partners on the block experienced an average increase in foot traffic of 20% and the flashing marquee of the theater contributed to over 121K drive-by impressions alone. The event was sold out in under 24 hours and demand was so high we had to extend it one additional day. The buzz translated into extensive press coverage with the event being featured in 29 press stories that generated over 3.5B impressions. Last but not least, at the afterparty Grandmaster Flash spun over 50 choice 1970s jams while attendees spent 43K cumulative hours dancing to 70s’ grooves.





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Hunters is told in the style of the 70s exploitation films. Taking place in 1977 NYC, the tricky subject matter involves a rag-tag crew hunting Nazis that were brought to America by the government to advance scientific efforts (based on the real-life Operation Paperclip).

We were tasked with amplifying the show’s launch and generating buzz for Hunters, amplifying the fun style and tone of the series.

Amazon Prime Video’s Hunters Grindhouse and Immersive 70s Experience gave guests an unforgettable Hunters experience. We transformed an entire Los Angeles block into 1977 New York City, complete with over 40 improv actors in period clothes playing everything from street troubadours to 3 card monte hustlers, 70s cars parked along the street and 16 participating stores with 70s music, employees in period clothes, and Hunters-related specials. Anchored by a re-created “grindhouse cinema” on one side and “Hunters Alley” bowling and party on the other, this stand-alone experience was a spectacular launching pad for Hunters.

We designed the experience for three types of fan behaviors, which we call Skimmers, Dippers, and Divers. Skimmers are completely unaware of the show, so we reached them by holding special PR and Influencer events, generating social buzz and PR. Dippers connect socially over shared passions and enjoyed the interactions with 70s characters and the party at Hunters Alley. Divers love to explore and learn, so we layered the experience with details and clues related to the show for them to discover. 

We took over an entire block in LA’s Highland Park neighborhood from February 18th to 23rd, 2020. With a theater and bowling alley as anchors, we partnered with 16 stores on the block to offer 1970s and Hunters-inspired promotions during the special event. Period automobiles lined the curb and over 40 actors circulated on the streets to bring the immersive experience to life.  

The event became the buzz of Los Angeles and beyond with coverage in a wide range of publications including Deadline, Star Magazine, InTouch, MSN, US Weekly, Variety and Yahoo!


Production Company
Production Company Campfire and The Mill
Creative Director Michael Monello, Kade Roybal
Copywriter Jessica Urgo
Senior Designer Matt Jensen, Dylan Werner
Render Artist Allan Dombroski
Senior Producer Cassandra Reuter
Producer Jessica Doren
Production Manager Ao Anderson
Production Manager Sonja Wajih
Production Coordinator Gracie Aaronson
Account Manager Michael Knowlton