We teamed up with Director Hiro Murai to craft and colour grade this visually unique video based on the sensual movements of Wushu martial arts, with Wushu used to depict the complex relationship between two characters.


Our teams worked in close collaboration with Murai to provide colour grade and create the choreographed fight sequence across buildings, epic smashes through shop windows, and a dramatic final scene where FKA twigs is sliced in half with a samurai sword. Digital matte painting was used throughout to build out and enhance the gritty backdrops. The beautiful film was shot by Director of Photography, Larkin Seiple and graded by The Mill/MPC’s Ricky Gausis who enhanced the final piece and considered at each sequence independently.


‘Sad Day’ has over 1.8 million YouTube views and won many awards including a Silver Clio Music Award for Visual Effects, a Wood D&AD Pencil for Music Videos/Direction and was nominated for 3 UK VMA's for the Best Visual Effects in a Video category, the Best Alternative Video, and Best Cinematography in a Video.

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Awards for Colour & VFX
UK VMA Awards
Production Company

Doomsday Entertainment


Hiro Murai


Larkin Seiple

Our VFX team helped define the epic final sequence, including the look of the FKA Twig’s anatomy ‘post-slice’. It was important that the sequence was not bloody or gory; instead, it needed to look beautiful and otherworldly. For her new inner body, we concepted in 2D based on key images from Hiro, we then moved into 3D look development and enhanced the film with a striking colour grade.

This campaign marks a continued collaboration between Gausis and Murai, who have a long-standing relationship, previously teaming up on the renowned ‘This is America’ music video by Childish Gambino, multiple commercials, FX’s Atlanta series and Childish Gambino’s film Guava Island.

“As the video moves through the different set ups, Hiro, Larkin and I were given the opportunity to give each one its own identity. In the first two shots we found a really interesting mixed lighting that gives them their own vibe and then we move into the diner where we leant into a warmer and sweatier grade, using a cooler tone coming from the fluorescent lighting to hold on to some colour separation and prevent it from becoming a wash. ”
Ricky Gausis, Senior Colourist, The Mill/MPC

Full Credits

The Mill/MPC:
Ricky Gausis:
Production Team
Doomsday Entertainment:
Production Service Company (UK): FRIEND
Director: Hiro Murai
DoP: Larkin Seiple
Producers: Jason Cole, Danielle Hinde, Brad Weston, Anita Gou, Hiro Murai, Nate Matteson, Michael Stirton, FKA twigs
Post Production Team
The Mill/MPC:
Creative Director: Michael Gregory
Executive Producer: Elexis Stearn
Senior VFX Producer: Nicole Saccardi
Senior Executive Producer, Colour: Meghan Lang Bice
Colour Producer - Sasha Pace:
VFX Coordinator: John Edson
Production Manager: Sanchit Soi
Production Coordinator: Sririthika Iyer
VFX Supervisor: Toya Drechsler
CG Supervisor: Corinne DeOrsay
VFX Set Supervisor: Zdravko "Zee" Stoitchkov
VFX Set Supervisor: Jim Radford
Colourist: Ricky Gausis
Colour Assistant: Sam Ziaie
Bangalore Team:
Head of 2D: Siju Murugan
Prep Lead: Ragesh Ramachandran
Roto Lead: Mahendranatha Reddy
Tracking Lead: Siva Priyan Seetharaman
FX Artist: Jinguang Huang
Lighter: Mason Dash
Modeler: Christian Sanchez
Compositors: Andy Roberts, Navid Sanati, Hector Cabrera, Luis Artigas, Peter Ulukpo, Balakrishnan Ramadoss, George Gijo Peter, Nanda Kumar Perumal Pillai, Stevenson G
Prep Team: Alex J., Arulanandhan P, Jaswan Vishnu Prasath Balla Mohan Rao, Jayakumar R, Padmapriya K, Veerapandiyan Devendhiran
Rigging: Gretchen Asmar
Roto: Ravisankar S, Suvojit Ghosh
Tracking: Ankit Dheraj Toppo, Gayathri Sakthivel, Muruganantham T, Muthyalakrishnaiah Doddi, Nithin T K, Sathya Narayanan, Shridhar Bhat, Sreenivasa Aditya, Tejashwini N, Vishal Bhaskar Darkunde