To create four spots that showcased each Bahlsen biscuit and the visual flair of their new packaging.


We created four worlds using the crisp physicality of the card from the new packaging as our base material. This acted as the visual anchor across all four of the spots, allowing each to have its own graphic style inspired by the designs of the biscuits themselves.


Four spots demonstrating the unique flavour of each biscuit with the graphic patterns and musical styles, merging together to create a unified cymatic vision.




MullenLowe London

Production Company

Design Studio


Adam Parry


Design / VFX / Animation / Creative / Colour

Our Design Studio has settled the debate about what goes best with a Bahlsen biscuit – slick animation, dynamic yet minimal cuts and sweet visuals. These were all displayed in the biscuit brand’s latest campaign.

We were tasked by MullenLowe London and Bahlsen to showcase the visual identity of their four biscuits – the Choco Leibniz, Milk Chocolate Wafer, Messino and Waffeletten. Each of the spots paired with compositions created by Zelig Sound, with Director Adam Parry explaining: “Each composition transforms to take on the identity of each biscuit, changing for each spot to take on the specific frequency and musical key generated from the ’snaps’ of the different biscuits.”

“Never before have my personal interests (eating biscuits) and my work life combined in such a delicious package”
Adam Parry, Director

Ahead of starting the project, the team meticulously planned out the process and generated hundreds of style frames carefully steered by the vision of Director Adam Parry. Rough animatics then were created using these style frames. These became the starting point for the animation.

The mission was to keep things simple, minimal and unfussy, yet at the same time interesting, dynamic and graceful.

Watch the BTS below: