For the first time in 20 years, BBC Two wanted to revitalise their brand identity to reflect their channel's commitment to specialism, challenging and complex programming, creativity, alternative outlook and unorthodox DNA.


Draw on the expertise of our design studio to interrogate Superunion’s brief, pushing the creative to the next level whilst staying true to the distinct curve of the number ‘2’.


An iconic new set of idents for BBC Two, two of which were created in house by The Mill’s design team. The idents have gone on to win over 20 design awards.


BBC Creative / Superunion



Production Company

The Mill


Laurent Simon


Design / VFX / Animation / Colour

The idents were created through a series of collaborations between some of the best of British VFX, animation and colour talent around the globe and we were tasked with creating two.

We had the opportunity to create a technically flexible setup to generate an organic folding paper like motion for one of our idents. The design needed to be developed gradually to test textures, lighting setups and animation to achieve this look.

We originally started this process using video effects software Houdini, however we finally opted to build everything in Cinema 4D to avoid the continuous back and forth between the two softwares. We came up with a custom rig that was able to change the entire look just using a few keyframes.

At the end of the process we can proudly say that the system developed by Superunion to connect styles from an array of artistries is an outstanding achievement.


Design Director Will MacNeil
Design Lead Jessica Tan
Designers Filiberto Ciarinelli, Will Denning
VFX Production
VFX Production The Mill
Executive Producer Ian Walker
Producer Tanya Fearon, Rebecca Perry
Composer and Sound Designer Alex Baranowski
Creative BBC Creative
Executive Creative Director Laurent Simon
Creative Director Susan Ayton
Planner Rosanagh Ker
Project Manager Phoebe Bibbings
Producer Georgina Meirick
VFX Creative
VFX Creative The Mill
2D Artist Lucas Carracedo, Stefan Susemihl, Georgina Ford
3D Artist Vaclav Cizkovsky
Agency Super Union
Creative Director Stuart Radford
Designer Erik Brattested
Strategy Director Andi Davids
Account Director Suzanne Neal
Colour The Mill
Colourist Seamus O’Kane
Colour Assist Brendan Buckingham