Performance Art tasked us with bringing to life a series of films representing Circle’s Crypto-based investment products in a simple uncomplicated manner.


We worked closely with Performance Art and Circle to refine and evolve their product stories to create a sense of ease and optimism. By pairing fluid and kinetic motion with Circle’s beautiful ‘Sundae’ colour palette, we were able to represent each product story to be in direct contrast to the frustration of doing modern-day business in an antiquated financial system. By using playful 3D metaphors, we were able to convey the freedom and possibility that Circle technology provides to its investors.


We developed Circleverse into a welcoming optimistic world that felt unencumbered by friction or legacy systems. An optimistic, positive and inviting environment that conveyed seemingly complex ideas in simple easy to understand terms using playful animation, fun shapes, colours and textures.






Performance Art

Production Company

The Mill

Creative Director

Anthony Fieldsend

“At the core of the project we tasked ourselves with crafting an extension to Circle’s brand guidelines. The brand had never stepped into 3D motion design before, so the first part of R&D was to translate their existing design language into new parameters that became the unifying aesthetic and logic to build upon.”
Henry Foreman, Head of Design

Research & Development

Full Credits

The Mill Design
Head of Design: Henry Foreman
Art Director: Anthony Fieldsend
Concept Development: James van den Elshout
Lead Designer: Sam Singleton
Motion Designers: Alex Petrovsky, Andrey Poleshko, Marcos Roberto Savignano Monteiro, Sifagul Keser, Raquel Fernandes, Paul Bloomfield, Kwok LamGlobal
Executive Producer, Mill Design: Ian Walker
Senior Producer: Kate Ryan