To create a spot to promote BMW’s Summer On Sales event. Our partners at Goodby Silverstein & Partners wanted summer to be at the forefront of this campaign but, in the midst of a global lockdown, they came to us with the challenge on how to complete such a feat. Since live action shoots were suspended, our solution was to use existing stock footage and innovative CG methods to create an all new film.


Create an edit using their vast global catalogue of previously shot footage, inject it with seasonal stock and then bring it together by overlaying it with computer generated versions of their latest vehicles.


An all new series of innovative seasonal spots for BMW featuring updated 2020 models of their vehicles.




Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Production Company

The Mill


Andrew Proctor


Direction / Editorial / VFX

Mill Director Andrew Proctor teamed up with Goodby Silverstein & Partners to deliver a spot for BMW’s summer sales event created entirely from existing running footage, CGI vehicles and stock elements.

Andrew comments “Typically on auto shoots we would have a VFX Supervisor go to set and collect extensive data on lighting, camera lens information, how the car reacts to the specific environment, etc. Since this was all done remotely, that data had to be created from scratch. We utilized our standard toolkit of Maya, Nuke, and Flame throughout this project but it took alot of exceptional artistic talent, traditional VFX knowledge and methods to achieve these shots and make them look believable. This campaign is a great example of what we can do virtually. It’s almost a masterclass of digital craftsmanship and ingenuity!”


Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Senior Producer Charlotte McConnell
Creative Director Matt Edwards, Wes Phelan
Creatives Carlos Rangel
Account Director Kevin Leung
EP Matt Flaker
Production The Mill
Director Andrew Proctor
VFX Production
VFX Production The Mill
Executive Producer Anastasia Von Rahl
Senior Producer Dan Love
Associate Producer Michael Novo
Senior Line Producer Nitin Kumar Bahl
Production Coordinator Utkarsha Chittaranjan Wairkar
Colour The Mill
Colourist Matt Osborne
Colour Producer Blake Rice
Editorial The Mill
Editor Victor Jory
Edit Assist Ryan Burbank, Rochely Zapata
VFX Creative
VFX Creative The Mill
CG Lead Artist Yarin Manes
VFX Supervisor Matthew Fuller
2D Lead Alex Candlish, Nithin Babu
3D Lead Murali Krishna Reddy
2D Artist Becky Porter, Franz Kol, Jake Albers, Lenz Kol, Anuj Bhandari, Rahul Bhardwaj, Arun Kumar, Aravind Mani, Srilakshmi Narasimha Kondepi
3D Artist Matthew Choy, Jae Jun Yi, Jason Mortimer, Freddy Parra, Lalida Karnjanasirirat, Alice Panek, Michael Lori, Victor Duncan, Stefan Kang, Jadheer T, Drishti Gupta, Sanjey Aravind, Ravi Kumar N, Rijo R, Sathyaraj A, Sameer Khan, Varaorasad D
Matte Painting Itai Muller, Bill Lu
Animation Randy Link, Maxime Cronier
Design Alexis McDonough
Art Department Kevin Diaz